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We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing you with premium quality ice cream, water ice, fruit and creamy popsicles, milkshakes, and sundaes. All products are 100 percent homemade with fresh fruits on a daily basis.We make the most exotic, unique and traditional ice cream and water ice flavors you can imagine, such as corn (sprinkled with your choice of cinnamon or chile), rice pudding, avocado, tamarind, cheesecake, and eggnog to name a few.

Also ask about our sugar-free flavor of the day. Over fifty (50) flavors to choose from rotated on a weekly basis. If we do not make it, we are open to creative ideas, and we just might have it on your next visit!We are welcomed to participate in birthday celebrations, fundraisers and community events. Stop by and try one of our delicious ice cream sundaes made in our own homemade waffle bowls. Thirsty....? Try a refreshing homemade horchata (rice) drink or any other fruit drink made with fresh fruits.

Our milkshakes are made with our very own homemade ice cream. Take a drive and taste the difference of a true homemade ice cream, with no chemical after-taste.

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